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Every chapter is another beginning.

Will I still be here in the end, in the story of your life?

The Story Thus Far
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Qaf_addict_06's graphics and icons.

The Story Thus Far

Welcome! If you've stumbled across this by accident, this is vengefulspirit's graphics journal. I make weekly SPN icons, as well as headers and wallpapers every once in awhile.

This journal will mostly be centered around my Supernatural graphics. I will occasionally make graphics from other fandoms, however, if the mood strikes me LoL

If you have a request, just let me know, and I'll try my best. I'm pretty new to making headers/wallpapers, but I'll give anything a shot :) I'm not promising I'll always be able to come through, but I'll try.


-If you use any of my graphics (headers, icons), you MUST credit me. Please.

-My graphics are not bases, so please do not use them like they are.

-This isn't a rule, but I do appreciate feedback. It lets me know what you guys are liking and what you aren't :)

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-Community layout made by: cresselia :)

-Thank you to vt_graphics for the mood theme :)

-Community and profile headers made by me.